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Company culture

  Corporate vision: to create a superior environment, cultivate excellent talents, improve first-class equipment, the highest industry benchmark for enterprise.
  Enterprise mission: doing fine, so special, and stronger, and is committed to the enterprise with customers, suppliers, workers, social collaborative sustainable development.
  Enterprise Mission: integrity, professionalism, innovation, excellence
  Entrepreneurship: innovation, integrity, teamwork, and enterprising; love, responsibility, dedication, devotion.
  Business philosophy: the sound operation, solidarity, innovation, sustainable development.
  Business culture: market demand and customer satisfaction as the goal.
  Core values: innovative thinking, Ming integrity, through the world.
  Quality concept: precise quality, attention to detail, continuous improvement.
  Service concept: customer first focus on the credibility, caring service.
  Management philosophy: people-oriented, teamwork, focus on implementation, a comprehensive development and common progress.
  Enterprise style: active, loyal and low-key.
  Employment concept: Talented rest assured that reuse of ethics training with talent without Germany observed with Germany not only resolutely do not.
  Organizational model: to improve organizational literacy, and to create a learning organization.
  The atmosphere of the organization: to create a fair, impartial, open atmosphere of the organization; follow interpersonal guidelines of mutual respect and equality personality.
  Creating an effective communication system and institutional environment; the formation of all members of the rapport with the positive interaction.
  The design philosophy: accuracy, speed; sense and simplicity, is more important than the line.
  Cost concept: to optimize resources, cut costs and eliminate waste.
  Interaction concept: self-cultivation, the bow itself and thin responsible for others.